Our stance on the voice to parliament

Watch the video below of ILBIJERRI Theatre Company's artistic director, Rachael Maza, speaking on our decision to support the YES Campaign for the referendum of the Voice to Parliament.

OUr Statement

We, The First Peoples of this land, have lived sustainably here for over 65,000 years. Despite the disruption of 235 years of colonisation we are still here and our connection to this land is unbroken. Our culture is rich and woven through everyday life on this continent and the things that all Australians enjoy - story, art, music, sport, science, knowledge.

For over 30 years, ILBIERRI Theatre Company has supported, facilitated and amplified First Peoples' voice through the medium of theatre.

We believe that a constitutionally enshrined Voice to parliament to advise Government on matters affecting our people is a modest step in the right direction.

In principle: the Voice acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are best placed to design the programs and policies that impact them. It's a chance to listen, to give agency, and ultimately address the ever-widening gap of health, education, employment, incarceration, - the inequalities that diminishes us all.

We encourage everyone to vote for a better future that celebrates First Peoples and their cultures. A future in which we are all enriched - and to acknowledge what an incredible privilege and honour it is to live on this stunningly beautiful country and actually how truly "lucky" we are. If the Voice is empowered to function well, it will unite us and move us forward as a country, together.

Do we know exactly how it's going to work? Well, actually there's a proposal at voice.gov.au that you can read. But actually - we've never done this before - we're trying something new! This is exciting! And besides - whatever we've been doing up until now isn't working.

So let's give it a go. We've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Here, now, is a rare moment for this country to STEP UP - let's not crumple under fear mongering and toxic misinformation. Let's take this small easy step together. Let's make a stand for a better future together with the First Peoples of this land.

One small step for you, a giant leap for our country. So vote yes.


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