More than brilliant black theatre

ILBIJERRI’s artistic vision is to create compelling theatrical works that tour broadly. However, layered through everything we do is our responsibility to Community. 

As we increase our profile nationally and internationally, we are careful to nourish the very foundations of ILBIJERRI that intrinsically lie in connection with Culture. In keeping our roots healthy, and our relationship to Community front of mind - including artists, writers, designers, partners with whom we work - we remain true to those foundations.  

Our mission is to create challenging and inspiring theatre by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists that gives voice to our Cultures. We utilise the potency of storytelling through theatre - ensuring the relevance and impact of the work itself. Our Peoples have shared important messages through storytelling for over 80,000 years and this remains a deeply integral part of our Culture. It is therefore at the very heart of ILBIJERRI’s work. 

We are committed to developing the next generation of First Nations theatre makers, and instilling a First Nations perspective into the broader theatre industry. We acknowledge that theatre venues have not always been safe or welcome places for our People, so it remains an essential part of ILBIJERRI’s work to also reach our primary audience in other spaces.

We actively engage Community in the production and delivery of all our artistic work, but did you know we also utilise our theatre-making skills and team resources for a range of other Cultural and Community programs? 

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