Trusts and foundations

ILBIJERRI is much more than just a theatre company. The performing arts can shape society and enrich our lives. They inspire us as individuals and help us build stronger, more connected communities. ILBIJERRI works closely with a variety of generous funders to deliver programs across Australia which have a profound social impact.

We welcome the opportunity to work with people who believe in our mission to create inspiring experiences that change society and inspire us to thrive. Our work in the following areas could not happen without such contributions.

On Country Development

Our collaborative relationships with communities and artists are at the heart of our creative process and allow us to pioneer process driven cultural stories for contemporary audiences from across the diversity of First Nations communities.  These works play a vital role in strengthening culture and identity, language preservation and intergenerational knowledge sharing.

Sector Development and Advocacy

ILBIJERRI plays an important role in sector development and advocacy through its membership of the National Performing Arts Partnership Framework and as the First Nations Lead for the Australian Performing Arts Market and their advisory group.

Arts Development Programs

Alongside this work ILBIJERRI delivers innovative initiatives to grow and sustain the vibrancy of First Nations Arts in the next generation through skills development and crucial career pathways for emerging First Nations young people in remote and metropolitan settings. 

If you would like to discuss how you can support ILBIJERRI, please contact Kirsty Hillhouse at:
[email protected] or 0414 347 335

Top image: Jack Charles V The Crown. Photo James Henry

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