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Read about the 30+ year history of Australia's longest running First Peoples theatre company

Readers are advised that this book contains images and names of people who have passed away

ILBIJERRI was formed in the same cultural wave in the continuum of cultural proliferation in the arts. Convened by stalwarts of the industry, who were also political leaders, this conference was key to underpinning the next wave of Aboriginal theatre which became organised into community controlled theatre collectives, like ILBIJERRI, around the continent.

This book is a collection of stories gathered through consultation, interviews and contributions from our community. It is being told by those whose story it is to tell. Not everyone involved was able to contribute and ILBIJERRI acknowledges that this is not a full and complete history, it is a collection of essays, memories, experiences and creative works offered by those who wished to contribute. 

The nature of this book was intended to reflect multiple voices and perspectives, and the subjectivity of history. As is culturally appropriate, we acknowledge our oral history and storytelling traditions. Each voice gives a different perspective, but when put together, they tell a whole, collective truth.

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