Tiddalik the Thirsty Frog

Melbourne Museum

Presented by Bunjilaka & ILBIJERRI Theatre Company

Dance and sing along with Victoria’s legendary TIDDALIK THE THIRSTY FROG in this lively performance.

Explore this Victorian Aboriginal creation story belonging to the Gunai people of Gippsland. The story follows the thirst of a small frog whose greed has him drinking all of the world’s water, leaving all the animals and plants thirsty and withering.

How will the animals force TIDDALIK to return the water? A wise old wombat suggests that if they can make the giant, bloated frog laugh he will spill out all of the water. Will the animals make TIDDALIK laugh?

TOURING INFORMATION:ILBIJERRI Theatre Company info@ilbijerri.trueserver.com.au

Creative Team

Director Margaret Harvey

Performers Uraine Mastrosavas & Uncle Herb Patten

Production Designer Alison Ross

Sound Designer Anna Liebzeit

Production Manager Bronwyn Pringle

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