The Dirty Mile


A dramatised walking trail

Walk through Fitzroy’s Indigenous history and experience Indigenous peoples’ strong and continuing historical, cultural and emotional connection to this place – from its Woiwurrung beginnings right up to the here and now.

Follow Doug Nicholls to footy training, listen to his sermon, meet our Returned Soldiers, our female WW2 munitions workers, Atherton Estate locals before the highrise, our sporting heroes – the Indigenous Fitzroy residents – in the pubs, organisations, churches and back lanes. The sum of all these parts connects every blakfella historically, culturally and emotionally to Dirty Gerty, Fitzroy.


17 March to 2 April 2006 - Fitzroy

Creative team

Performers Lionel Austin, Janaya Charles, Joe Clements, Isaac Drandic & Pauline Whyman

Director Kylie Belling

Designer Darryl Cordell

Costume Supplier Rose Chong

Community Partner Parkies Inc.

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