Sisters of Gelam

Malthouse Theatre

A heady mix of live music, theatre & puppetry

“Sisters of Gelam is a slick and lyrical celebration of indigenous culture. It is performed with such presence and feeling, and speaks to such a profound and universal desire for homecoming and human connection, that it is impossible to remain unmoved” - The Age

Weaving together a heady mix of live music, theatre & puppetry, Sisters of Gelam is the writing debut of Rachael Maza and her sister Lisa Maza – “The Maza Sisters”. A duo well known for their soulful brand of acoustic tunes and island harmonies, the girls are both also highly accomplished actors in Australian theatre, film and television.

Inspired by the two sisters’ very personal experiences as the daughters of an Aboriginal father and Dutch mother, stories from the past and the present are intertwined to present a poignant exploration of the journey to reconcile cultures and celebrate heritage.

Creative team

Performers Lisa Maza, Rachael Maza & Ben Graetz

Writers Rachael Maza & Lisa Maza

Directors Melanie Beddie & Rachael Maza

Musical Director Stephen (Stretch) Teakle

Set & Costume Designer Gav Barbey

Lighting Designer Danny Pettingill

Puppet Designer Katrina Gaskell

Puppet Director Megan Cameron

Musicians Stephen (Stretch) Teakle, Andrew O'Grady & Phil Collings

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