Shrunken Iris


2003 Bless Your Blak Arts Festival

A hard hitting new work by an award winning writer

Alexia is a 22 year old drug addict determined to make it clean and make it home.  As she waits for the train we are taken to the depths of her experiences and addictions.

SHRUNKEN IRIS brings a young emerging voice to our stage. This fresh look at being young and Blak in this country puts our community under the microscope, confronting the choices our young people have to opt out or engage in life. In Shrunken Iris, Lexi valiantly struggles to find her way home and to provide a safe home for her unborn daughter. 

This poetic and haunting play has been work shopped at the 2003 Victorian Indigenous Playwrights Conference and undertaken a long evolution as part of ILBIJERRI’s Commissions and Development program.


Writer Kamarra Bell-Wykes

Director Wesley Enoch

Performers Melodie Reynolds & Pauline Whyman

Stage Manager Lisa Parris

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