Big Name, No Blankets

A rock'n'roll musical legacy, from the bush to global big cities

BIG NAME, NO BLANKETS is a major scale rock’n’roll theatre show that celebrates the phenomenal journey and impact of Australian music icons, the Warumpi Band, told through the perspective of the Butcher Brothers.

Making history for being the first rock’n’roll band to sing in Aboriginal languages, the Warumpi Band are nationally and internationally acclaimed for creating the Black Anthems of Australia: Jailanguru Pakurnu, My Island Home and Blackfella/Whitefella.

Warumpi Band brought hope and strength to First Peoples and united all Australians, singing truths that echoed the realities of black and white relationships in a colonised world. Their songs celebrate unity, for black and white audiences to enjoy together. They amplified black voices, stories and politics while uniting all cultures with their infectious music.

Named after the title of Warumpi Band’s second album, BIG NAME, NO BLANKETS features Warumpi Band hits, and showcases Luritja/Pitjantjatjara, Gumatj (Yolngu Martha) and Warlpiri languages, culture and dance from Central Australia and North East Arnhem Land. Employing both new and 80,000 year old story-telling techniques, all audiences will feel welcomed into this incredible story from the bush.

Created in collaboration with Warumpi band founding member, Sammy Butcher and the families of Warumpi band members, BIG NAME, NO BLANKETS speaks untold truths about the band’s extraordinary ride from the remote bush in Papunya NT to international fame.

Packed with humour, iconic songs and rock star performances, BIG NAME, NO BLANKETS will be a joyful show that celebrates how music can influence massive change.


Story and Cultural Consultant Sammy Butcher

Writer Andrea James

Co-Directors Dr Rachael Maza AM & Anyupa Butcher

Story Consultant Anyupa Butcher

Sound Arrangement & Composition Crystal Butcher 

Sound Arrangement & Composition Mentor David Bridie 

Band Arrangement & Composition Gary Watling

AV Designer James Henry 

Set Designer Emily Barrie

Band includes Jason Butcher & Jeremiah Butcher 

Dramaturg Amy Sole

Creative Consultant Lisa Watts 

Theatre Consultant Sarah Goodes

Producers Nina Bonacci & Alexandra Paige

Images Supplied by Neil Murray and the Butcher Family

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